Thursday, August 25, 2022

August Paper Pumpkin

 Hello friends! What a crazy summer this has been. The hot weather is fabulous. Although, I have heard from some friends that they are getting tired of the heat. I am so thankful that it's not been smoky. There was a couple mornings when we were at the lake that it was a bit hazy and you could smell smoke but it was gone really quickly. The storms have been incredible. We don't normally get so many storms but fortunately the lightning didn't start many fires.

I was working on the latest Paper Pumpkin today. I think this is the prettiest kit they have ever made! I am sharing the cards made as per the instructions but the card bases, embellishments and even the envelopes are absolutely gorgeous. 

Here are the cards I made. Note that these were made exactly as the instructions stated.

These cards are made using only items in the Paper Pumpkin Kit. This kit also had 2 ink spots. Usually the kit comes with one but there was an extra one in this kit. There was also some gold sheets that have a hive pattern cut into them. I will be sharing some alternatives and using these sheets in a later post.

I know I have said this before but these kits have really improved in quality from when they first started. All of the new kits are amazing!

This post is a little shorter than usual but I hope you enjoy the cards still. Sadly there will be no refills on this kit. It is completely sold out.

Stay well and keep creating!



  1. These cards have given me some great ideas for creating with the things I have. Thanx